Lean Enterprise

Using our model, we will help you create a Lean Enterprise by implementing both Lean principles and Business Alignment strategies.

We Address:

  1. Customer and Business Strategy
    • Define long term philosophy and goals
    • Management decisions based upon long term philosophy and goals
  2. Process Design and Improvement
    • Create a "pull" system to avoid over production
    • Use only reliable, thoroughly tested technology that serves the company's strategy
  3. People, Programs and Structure
    • Develop exceptional people and teams who follow the company's philosophy
    • Grow leaders who understand the work, live the philosophy and teach it to others
  4. Managing and Measuring
    • Create a continuous process flow and bring problems to the surface
    • Use visual control
  5. Cultural Transition
    • Transition to a customer-focused culture
    • Create a process-focused culture

Lean Enterprise Case Study

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