Lean Enterprise Case Study


A light manufacturing company, facing a decline in business demand, came to us to help them reduce manufacturing cost and increase utilization of resources, while maintaining or increasing employee satisfaction. History had demonstrated to the client that reducing the workforce, resulted in lower moral, quality issues and lower than expected cost reduction.


  • Define the corporate business strategy and vision of the leadership team
  • Determine the business measures of success
  • Undertake process design and improvement
    • Value-added mapping (Kaizen Event)
    • Lean Processes (Takt time)
    • Create a "pull" system to avoid over production (Kanban)
    • Balance work flow to production rate required to meet customer demand
    • 5S System


  • The financial result was an increase in the "unit per hour" produced by 46%; a reduction of product cycle time by 8%; an improvement in employee satisfaction by 19%; and no decline in customer service or performance.

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